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RAW Studios, founded by actor Thomas Jane (The Punisher, The Mist, The Mutant Chronicles) and in partnership with Eisner Award nominated illustrator/production designer Tim Bradstreet (The Punisher, Hellblazer, Criminal Macabre) and their able crew of talented creators are developing and/or scripting a number of projects, including...

THE DARK COUNTRY (suspense/thriller) - In post production at Sony/Hyde Park
Written by Tab Murphy this dark story of love and death on the lost highways of America will keep you guessing until the final shot. Filmed in 3D!

THE AMATEUR KIND (crime/adventure) - In development
A couple of small time criminals try to outwit a couple of call girls out of a million bucks they stole from their pimp ­ who stole it from the Mob...

BAD PLANET (sci fi/adventure) - Comics, six issue mini series currently in production
A mysterious freighter crashes on earth, unleashing horrible creeping alien spiders, and unlocking a hideous intergalactic secret...

ALIEN PIG FARM 3000 (sci fi/adventure) - Comics, four issue mini series (completed)
Horton County Kentucky is a nice peaceful parish until brothers Johnny Ray, and Elvis run afoul of the law AND a spaceship full of pig eating aliens. A story of lust, betrayal, and heartbreak, brother and sister trysts, and laser-toting, green-skinned bad guys. Forsooth!

Raw Entertainment is already attracting top talented directors, writers, actors, artists and SFX persons to their unique brand of blistering, bone gnawing, balls-out bare knuckle stories films and projects. Join us for world domination!

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