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Bad Planet Volume 1

Description:Brand new, gorgeous color edition of Bad Planet: Volume 1, written by Thomas Jane and Steve Niles; Illustrated by James Daly III and Tim Bradstreet...with Lewis Larosa and Dave Kendall. Colors by Grant Goleash. Cover by Basil Gogos. 

Throughout the Cosmos, there is a term, a combination of two simple words, spoken in over 40 million dialects which bring fear to countless living species. It is a phrase of warning, of dread, of imminent and ancient destruction. Entire civilizations have fallen under the label and disappeared from existence like a wisp of smoke on the solar wind. Now Earth itself has been designated by these two deadly words and we can only pray for a quick and painless end to everything we have ever known. Welcome to Earth . . . The next BAD PLANET. 3D section in Super-Terror 3D! Glasses included.

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